In our field no two days are the same. As the case studies below demonstrate, our work ranges from individual development to organisation-wide transformation, from restoring the dysfunctional to developing excellence, from the day-to-day effectiveness of front line staff members to the vision, values and cultures of entire organisations.

Creating Customer Service Excellence  

Multinational Retail Group

Assisting the internal training team of a retail group to establish service excellence in their stores. Full story »

Developing Effective People Managers

international Construction Group

Helping a team of civil engineers to shift from a task-driven management approach to a more people-centred one. Full story »

Executive Coaching and Development

International Manufacturing Organisation

Assisting a senior manager to close various skill gaps and improve wellbeing and work-life balance. Full story »

Restoring Fractured Relationships

Government Agency

Restoring relationships and repairing communications within a management team. Full story »

A Vision for Authentic Performance Management

International food Producer

Making performance management an authentic process of engagement rather than a ‘tick-box’ exercise. Full story »

Becoming Masters of the Sales Call

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Moving a pharmaceutical sales team from a traditional sales approach to a relationship-building one. Full story »

Improving Team Performance

Global Non Profit

Restoring the working relationships between 5 senior managers responsible for overseas development. Full story »

Authentic Leadership Development

International FMCG

Assisting a senior management team to champion a new set of leadership competencies. Full story »

Restoring a Dysfunctional Team to Good Health

National Healthcare Organisation

Restoring the unity and relationships of a team of carers which had slipped into a highly dysfunctional state. Full story »

Managing Change and Resolving Conflict

North-South Public Organisation

Resolving the conflict arising from a merger which took place as a result of the Good Friday agreement. Full story »

Creating Stress-Free Classrooms

Third level College

Developing the confidence, assertiveness, resilience and wellbeing of a team of third level lecturers. Full story »

Developing Teamwork Excellence

Medical Clinic

Strengthening the relationships and improving the performance of an administration team. Full story »

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