McGeough Training Ltd is a boutique training and development consultancy with over 20 years experience. We were founded on the conviction that human development is a philosophical enterprise which requires a method that respects the in-built capacity of each individual to overcome their limits by means of their own intellect. Passionate about helping people to become more fearless and self-directing, we are committed to delivering the finest training to teams and organisations in search of excellence.

How we see it

When it comes to developing people there are really two key aspects and these are knowledge on the one hand, and the capacity of a person on the other. Wherever there is poor performance, there is a weakness in one or both of these aspects. Experience shows that often someone may have all the knowledge required but none of the internal strength to implement it, or in some cases a person has great strength and capacity but they don’t have the knowledge they need, they simply don’t know what they should be doing. If we look at all of the different projects of ours that we’ve been involved in over the years, and all of the people that we have trained, we have always been developing a combination of these two factors - knowledge and capacity.


Ultimately, improving things substantially is the vision of every project. Whether it concerns one individual, a team or a whole organisation, our focus is always on changing things for the better, helping leaders to be great leaders, managers to be effective, staff to be efficient, teams united, and people totally engaged.

How we work

We work in partnership with our clients. Initially we spend time ensuring that our work is aligned with the vision and direction of an organisation, and we try to encourage big thinking here. Our starting point is to discover precisely what a client is seeking to do, and to really understand what is getting in the way, so we can address it in our tailored programmes. Each project is so different, each organization has its own unique culture, so it is really important to us that we work in such a way that ensures a fluidity and responsiveness to our clients' particular needs.

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